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I have known this beauty since she was a wee one running up and down the beach in Tulum playing with her sister Kesewa and my daughter Sophie - spirited and carefree.  Life has certainly thrown this girl a few curveballs but it is with grace and determination that she emerged from a spell and has come through like a shiny golden star.  Founder of GURLS Talk, feminist crusader, actress, model and friend to many, Adwoa Aboah shares with us a few tidbits about her life and her dog, of course. Thank you to my sweet friend Tierney Gearon for these delicious pics.


I discovered these brilliant images of the Westminster Dog show when reading Judith Newman's insightful piece in the New York Times this weekend.  Not only was the article fascinating but the images were arresting.  I had to find out about this Jonno guy!  Apparently, he has been at his craft for some time and was honored last year in PDN's prestigious 30 under 30 award - one of Mrs. Sizzle's favorites.  Leave it to team Sizzle to ask this guy all kinds of questions about his experience at the show!

Gizmo is seen in the last picture and when Kyoko took his picture he knew exactly where to be. As she says about animals, "I think I have a healthy relationship with animals in general. When I grew up in Japan, we had tadpoles, crayfish, koi fish, a pet hamster with one arm, pet squirrels (different than American squirrels), turtles, cats and a dog. My view of animals changed slightly though when I saw wild lions in South Africa up close. I knew instinctively this big orange cat can take me down with one swipe. It gave me much more respect for the wilderness."

"I grew up on the moors in Devon, England. An extreme landscape with wild ponies, ancient forests, and windswept grasses. It was a landscape that inspired my imagination. I would spend my days damming rivers, getting my boots stuck in mud, and making dens. I oriented myself by the particular curve of a tree or a clutter of bluebells. I now live with my family in rural Maine, a place that often reminds me of my childhood. The sound of certain birds in summer, finding frogs in streams, and walking my dog at dusk: I use animals as metaphors for all things that are good in life."  - Cig  Harvey

As a dog lover and a lover of photography, what more could have drawn me to Elliott Erwitt's studio?  The man had been hounded by me for months since I started this blog, and we finally met up one fine day in January.  The girls and I sauntered up to the Upper West Side to join Elliott walking down Central Park West.  He wanted to sit a bit, get to see the dogs and let them sniff him before we went on our loop that ended up at his studio. A few stories were told and I must have passed muster, as I was invited upstairs for a delicious espresso that he made me.

This is a funny story... Laurie was shooting her show that was up last month at Salon 94 when Lamby jumped up on the model's lap and Laurie snapped this shot. The end.

Big story right?  Well, I went to the gallery I met another gorgeous dog whose name is Ludvig von Truffle and he showed me around....

Not to mention that Laurie can join the girl crush club too. Love her.

My dear friend Laurie Kratochvil sent me this marvelous book to peek at.  My first reaction as a dog owner was pure glee and fascination; but the more I looked at the pictures and the way the objects are photographed, they became a tad sad and that's what I love about them.  I am even more in awe after hearing what Arne Svenson had to say about the work! 

Tricia Rosenkilde from Camerawork Studio reached out to me to present her gorgeous platinum portraits of animals. Her own dog, Katie, came from a kill shelter in Georgia; she was originally found in the woods with her three sisters, living in an old wood pile with no food.  The puppies all found wonderful homes when they were brought up to New Jersey by Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Not only has Pamela been a fun friend but she is also a mad good photographer. And not only a photographer but a dog lover too which makes for a delicious doggie combo! Seen here are some summer fun dog pictures of the creatures she is in love with.  Best part of this post  is seeing her nanny, Lynny, with Tabu, the poodle, Ambra, the great pyrenees, and Jimmy Hendrix, the cat. In addition to dogs, she also loved horses but her parents drew the line at canines.

Or at least he did make it while I was there at the studio that day.  So, I was nervous before the visit, that I might be the only dog owner in the world to have dogs, well not really, that like to jump up on people. It was just not so.  Wegman's dogs do the same thing and his dogs are bigger than my dogs. This is what he says about two of them, "Topper is the biggest trouble maker. He sometimes bites Flo's back leg when Flo is introducing herself to visitors. He barks a lot. But he's a great dog." I loved being able to go meet the dogs.