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The dog days are not over just yet! Rather than mope that summer is ending, I suggest eating away your feelings. I know, I know, emotional eating is wrong so why not bring your dog along? That way, after you enjoy stuffing your face, you and your four legged best friend can walk it all off! 

Corey Towers is a great photographer and animal lover who I met after many colleagues brought his work to my attention. At a meeting with Corey and my friend Stacy Alldredge, the trainer, we came up with the idea to introduce Corey to MaeDay Rescue, a brilliant rescue organization for dogs in Los Angeles.  Corey and MaeDay partnered to make these exclusive portraits for Mrs. Sizzle, and we hope that the dogs above, Frances and Tabitha, get adopted tomorrow at Urban Pet in Los Angeles.  

Sorry to tell you, but your dogs collar is soooo last season. Want your dog to be the most fashionable pup in your building? The Hound Collection sells luxury collars, leashes,and scarves that follow seasonal color palates and the latest designer. And to take the whole dog walking thing to the next level, try a bit of Essie polish on those nails to pull the whole thing together. Now you are walking in style!

I met John for the first time a few weeks ago and am undone by his dedication to animals and hard work to raise awareness of adoption.  A brilliant clothing designer and founder of his most recent line, "The Tiny Tim Collection", John is always working to help raise funds for independent rescue groups all over the country.  Check out his amazing designs here and help animals everywhere!

I first saw these photos on Feature Shoot and flipped! I reached out to Amy and here is her story about these magnificent photos. 
"Before I went to my first dog event I was very deep into a terrible photographic rut.  I had hit a breaking point, and I asked myself “What do YOU love? What are YOU interested in?” I looked around my room and saw my Pomeranian Sasha looking at me. Something clicked in my head and I became curious about dog culture in New York City. The Doggies and Tiaras Pageant, founded by pet fashion designer Roberto Negrin, was the first thing I found when doing my research. The moment I stepped into the New Yorker Hotel it was like I got my groove back.