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After the first stressful 20 min, during which we anticipate the familiar noise emanating from the back, we settle in…even though Zara will continue to puke every few hours, Zen will get bored and start to chew on the seats, one of the two will start to smell really, really bad, and both will force us to pull over what seems like every 5 minutes for a bathroom break. If you can’t already tell, our road trip is essentially a dog and owner’s nightmare.

A few weeks ago we stopped by the fabulously hectic office of PR guru Nadine Johnson to get the scoop on dog mascot Lupo (@lupojohnson).  He's stolen every heart in the office, so along with photographer Kimberly M. Wang/ and Mindy Montney of Dog & Cowe dug further to see what made this dog tick!  

What's your favorite thing to do at the office?

I enjoy teasing my older sister Milou and supervising all the employees from my little throne at the top of the stairs. I also steal their lunches when they are not looking, but need to watch out as beach season is here and I’ve gotten a bit round around the waist.

I found this amazing gal on FOUR&SONS and we were immediately drawn to each other for our love of dogs, fashion and photography. Claire Wolfson and Chris Prouty, (aka @sexloveandweinerdogs), have created the brand BEAN GOODS which I am obsessed with.  They have taken their love for dogs, Bean and Van, and woven that into chic duds for people.  (See Karlie sporting their genius bags, thank you Derek Blasberg!).  With a keen eye to style (take a peek at her fab blog WLFHND) and a nod to humor these two are def ones to keep your eyes on!