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When I grow up I want a job like David Boals. I actually wouldn't mind Bruno Staub's either.

David and his wife, photo agent Chris Boals, have been friends of mine for years so, don't you know, Mrs.Sizzle's ears perked up when she heard that David started running with a pack of dogs.  Even better, one of Chris' photographers, Bruno Staub, was up for following David one day and the result speaks for itself.  I had to ask David how he got into his new career.

Jane and Cory Turner both light up whenever they talk dogs. Ozzy & Zoe, their furry pups, are the perfect ying-yang pooch pairing while Jane and Cory are the perfect mommy daughter duo. They are the brains behind turning doggie “love” into donation dollars. Their app Dogly lets you edit and share the tons of cute doggie photos on your camera roll (guilty as charged), and the number of “loves” are counted towards a rescue shelter of your choice. Even more brilliant, Dogly gives you a sneak peak into the lives of their fave pooches.