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Richard Phibbs is an angel of an animal lover

Photographer and gentleman. Shoots celebrities and fashion, but really does a good dog―and really IS a good human. For the past several years, Richard has devoted a big chunk of his work life to finding all of these sweet souls a home. Working with the Humane Society of New York, he goes into a tiny examination room to take arresting and compassionate portraits of these scared little creatures who need to be seen to be loved.  And he has been relentless: Of the 180+ dogs Richard has photographed, the majority have found a second chance at life in a new home thanks to his brilliant photographs.

Gizmo is seen in the last picture and when Kyoko took his picture he knew exactly where to be. As she says about animals, "I think I have a healthy relationship with animals in general. When I grew up in Japan, we had tadpoles, crayfish, koi fish, a pet hamster with one arm, pet squirrels (different than American squirrels), turtles, cats and a dog. My view of animals changed slightly though when I saw wild lions in South Africa up close. I knew instinctively this big orange cat can take me down with one swipe. It gave me much more respect for the wilderness."

“I think I’m an old soul,” muses Remy Lark-bassi, a five year-old black Standard Poodle. “I’m so comfortable in vintage pieces—especially capes and berets and head scarves—that I really think I must have been a part of Coco’s  or Cristobal’s or Christian’s posse in a past life.” Such lofty claims could only come from a Standard, though this Standard is anything but lofty

The dog days are not over just yet! Rather than mope that summer is ending, I suggest eating away your feelings. I know, I know, emotional eating is wrong so why not bring your dog along? That way, after you enjoy stuffing your face, you and your four legged best friend can walk it all off! 

This is Uggie. And this is Moreno with Sebastian on a shoot.  Sebastian took Uggie's portrait during his performance in THE ARTIST.  Sebastian says of Mrs. Sizzle's site, " Moreno will be so psyched to be on there. All I can say is that when Moreno comes to studio shoots, he gets more attention than the models. But he's also great help on set, he makes sure everyone is focused on creating great pics!"  Thanks Sebastian!

When I came across this amazing doggie brand I screamed, “WOOF for WOLF”!  Based out of Montauk, LI, (lucky duck), Lindsey of Billy Wolf comes from a fashion background and brings that sensibility to all things dog. Check out this beautiful brand! Lindsey uses all vintage, American made fabrics to create these beautiful pieces. It being summer, you might opt for a denim bandana or great dog to toe instead! Check it out.