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I asked Stefano Tonchi, the editor in chief of W magazine, to talk about Edward: "Edward is one of the most talented image-makers in the world. He is also one of the funniest and most creative people I have ever met. His enthusiasm for fashion and magazines is contagious.  I call him “the sunshine in my life" because he can always see the positive side of things, the half full glass and never the half empty. That does not mean that he excepts mediocrity. He constantly strives for excellence but with culture and respect for others."


As a Feature Shoot fan, I am always surprised by the fabulous talent I come across, one discovery being Ibarionex Perello, a famed photographer, lecturer and professor. I asked him his relationship to taking photos of dogs and this is what he shared, "I have always loved dogs. After I left for college, I was without a dog for years and it wasn't until my wife and I moved into our first house that I was able to have a dog in my life again. I think having dogs has made me that much more sensitive to them as subjects as I walk the street making my images. They are real unique characters and it’s that personality that often draws me to photograph them.

What does Jackie O', Molly Ringwald and your dog have in common? They all look pretty in pink! This fabulous color looks radiant on both pet and owner. Check out these pink products for your pooch from K9 Couture Co, Penn & Pooch, and Yark. While Reppeto and Dior serves up fashion for you in our favorite shades of pink!

Dogs need a little extra fur sometimes so here are some great ideas of ways to keep them warm. Mungo and Maud, Ruby Rufus and Mr. Soft Top let Mrs. Sizzle test drive and keep the sweaters. Lucky us! We pulled in a few more to round out the bunch and we are in love with them all! Howie Guja arrived for the canine playdate and photographed our neighborhood dogs and some beauties that are up for adoption. Please, always consider adopting a dog if you are looking for a new furry friend.

I have always been a fan of Catherine Ledner's work, particularly her book ANIMAL HOUSE.  Here are some questions I posed to the photographer:

Did you have animals growing up?

Yes!  As a family we had many pets.  When I was very young, we had a Springer Spaniel named Light bulb, because of the light bulb shaped marking on one of her eyes.  We then had a Cocker Spaniel named Snoopy, named after my favorite cartoon character at the time.   Later we had a chocolate Labrador named Tasha, not sure how she got that name.  For smaller critters, we had a bevy: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, fish and turtles.  My mom and dad are definitely animal people.  Thank goodness they indulged my two brothers and I in our love of animals.

Irene Albright is a fashion DYNAMO. Amy Lombard and I had the pleasure of visiting the library the other day to get a tour and a few licks from Gus! What an impressive place.  Irene shares,  "After working as a stylist for 20 years and desperately seeking wardrobe for a shoot, I decided to build my own showroom; a safe haven for all my friends who were stylists to pull their shoots." The Albright Fashion Library, since opening in 1990, has expanded and evolved into a resource for the industry’s top stylists, magazine editors and costume designers.

I found this Valentine’s card in my files recently; I used to receive them every year from my old friend Larry Sultan.  Larry passed away in 2009 and it rocked me. The last time I spoke to him, we shared stories of our cancers and the Indian nurse that he saw in New York.  I miss that dear man, so I wanted to share this with you all - a bit belated, Valentine-wise, but close enough!

I first worked with PLATON many years ago for Esquire magazine.  It was a boxing story that we cast at Gleason's gym and I will never forget Platon's intense focus while working on this job. So when I came across this brilliant story in Garage Magazine, it was no surprise to me that is was a PLATON project. As he so aptly recalls, "This project was an extraordinary experience. For me it was a celebration of the relationship between human beings and animals. Having all these beautiful dogs in my studio changed the dynamic immensely with all the models I was privileged to work with. In many cases, the dogs needed reassurance and were timid in front of the light. The models suddenly found themselves nurturing and supporting these lovely animals in their moment of vulnerability. The end result has soul, humility and sincerity. You can see it in all the model’s eyes in each image. They are nothing but perfectly authentic.