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I asked Stefano Tonchi, the editor in chief of W magazine, to talk about Edward: "Edward is one of the most talented image-makers in the world. He is also one of the funniest and most creative people I have ever met. His enthusiasm for fashion and magazines is contagious.  I call him “the sunshine in my life" because he can always see the positive side of things, the half full glass and never the half empty. That does not mean that he excepts mediocrity. He constantly strives for excellence but with culture and respect for others."

Stacy Fischer introduced me to Kimberly this Fall. I knew her work from BARK magazine and was so taken with her profile of William Wegman who had also told me about her work.  Kimberly is a visual storyteller who loves to hang with artists with the intention of seeing them cultivate and sustain their creativity.  I asked Kimberly what it was like to spend time with Wegman observing him and his art.

William Waldron and I were lucky enough to photograph Brooke Astor for House and Garden magazine in the late 1980's at her home, "Holly Hill", in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  My friend Bob Morris just informed me that Astor's last doggie heir, Girlsy, recently died at the ripe old age of 21 which is really 147 years old in dog years - although the breed is known for its longevity. Iris Love, who raises champion dachshunds in VT, cared for Girlsy after Mrs. Astor passed away in 2007.  She said she was the only dachshund in the house who refused to use the doggy door.  Well done, Mrs. Astor!

Moira McLaughlin is here to tell us how her gorgeous little rescue guy changed her life! "When Darby, my 17-year-old Longhaired Dachshund, died in 2011, I unravelled.  He was my muse and partner, the inspiration for my blog Dog Art Today and my lifeline to normalcy after losing everything to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue ten years earlier.  My grief terrified me.  I knew that I needed a dog, my mental and physical health depended on it, but I couldn’t conceive how I would ever find one.  Every single person that I confided my fears to answered me with the same three words, “You will know.”

Do you often come home from work and find your dog cutely napping on top your bed, then not finding it so cute trying to get fur off of your 1000 thread count sheets? Check out the high end dog bedding company Cloud 7 ! Cloud 7 was founded by former fashion designer Petra Jungebluth who began creating beds for her dogs that did not clash with her modern living room decor. Since 2010, Cloud 7 has been producing super soft and comfy bedding for your dog, enhancing their beauty rest and freeing up your bed from your pet. 

Nina Ottosson is a Swedish pet game designer. She founded the company in 1990 with the goal to create toys and games to get your pet off the couch. Her toys and games mentally and physically stimulate dogs with problem solving and obedience training. All toys are made from wood and non toxic plastic, making it safe for your dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, iguana, even mini pig! Order some up now and get Fido challenged and happy.


When I was about six, my parents, in a well-intentioned but misguided parenting gesture, brought home an adorable Sealyham terrier, named him "Chester," and then stood back and waited for a bond to form between us.  But it turned out that Chester was even less interested in me than I was in him.  He poured all of his considerable energy into getting as filthy as possible at every opportunity, and I preferred playing with insects, so we tacitly agreed to ignore each other for the duration of his stay.  Indeed, I hardly noticed when he was shipped off to a farm (yes, a real farm) less than six months later.  I felt no sadness at Chester’s departure and I certainly didn't miss him, but every so often it would cross my mind that he was once our dog.  Then I would picture him happily chasing livestock and rolling in a pigsty somewhere and think he was well out of it.

Kyle Landman is a dear friend who I know through Maria Cornejo and Marysia Woroniecka. Here she tells of her dog, Michael, and the journey to adopting him!  "After being on the hunt for the “unicorn” of all dogs—a black, longhaired Brussels Griffon—my brother-in-law sent me a message with a picture of the cutest, bug-eyed, hairy fluff ball staring back at me. The message read: “This is Mikey. He needs a home, now. And a haircut.”