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"Gangloff’s frontal, direct and focused paintings recall August Sanders approach to portraiture. The model becomes an archetype under her gaze. Subjects are platonic forms cast into the contemporary - think the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. But more than bloodless ciphers, these individuals have a story to tell which Glangloff relays through expression, posture and textured nuanced detail.  No clue is left to chance but plays a role in a bigger picture.  These are psychological portraits that remain timeless depictions of a modern taxonomy, employing form as style, and style as form. "

With a unique quality for capturing the personality and humour of canines, Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead has drawn attention globally. Her contemporary take on pet portraiture has been admired since 2011 and continues to grow. Jos' portraits are loved for the unique style in which she captures the canines personality, whilst adding humour and charm. As featured by Martha Stewart, Daily Candy and Oh Joy for creating "the most stylish pups", her portraits can also be seen in the newly published book '1000 Dog Portraits'.

Scott Lifshutz is a New York based painter best known for his iconic pet (and people) portraits. His work has been exhibited internationally, from New York to London, Los Angeles to Berlin. He has created work for Target, Visionaire, Interview, and The New York Times Magazine, as well as commercial projects for Microsoft and Nike. Clients commissioning his signature portraits include Isaac Mizrahi, Susan Sarandon, Todd Oldham, Patricia Field, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler.

This is a funny story... Laurie was shooting her show that was up last month at Salon 94 when Lamby jumped up on the model's lap and Laurie snapped this shot. The end.

Big story right?  Well, I went to the gallery I met another gorgeous dog whose name is Ludvig von Truffle and he showed me around....

Not to mention that Laurie can join the girl crush club too. Love her.

I met Hannah this Christmas at her brother Matthew's house in Bellport.  She had just returned from an artists' retreat in the Dominican Republic and was on her way home to Berlin.  Of course the dinner conversation turned to dogs at one point and here are the amazing works that she shared with me.  "My work unites a passion for color with an interest in found material, largely found wood. I revel in the renewal of discarded material - bringing it new life through fresh application of color with traditional painterly techniques. 

It was hot and we had a job to do yesterday.  The ASPCA had asked if we could photograph some of their current dogs up for adoption. These beauties are all available right now and need your help. Imagine how good it will feel to see a tail wagging. There is nothing more fashionable than a chic new dog especially in Adopt October. To inquire about adoption call: 212-876-7700 extension 4120 or visit the shelter at 424 East 92nd Street in NYC.

My dear friend Laurie Kratochvil sent me this marvelous book to peek at.  My first reaction as a dog owner was pure glee and fascination; but the more I looked at the pictures and the way the objects are photographed, they became a tad sad and that's what I love about them.  I am even more in awe after hearing what Arne Svenson had to say about the work!