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Gizmo is seen in the last picture and when Kyoko took his picture he knew exactly where to be. As she says about animals, "I think I have a healthy relationship with animals in general. When I grew up in Japan, we had tadpoles, crayfish, koi fish, a pet hamster with one arm, pet squirrels (different than American squirrels), turtles, cats and a dog. My view of animals changed slightly though when I saw wild lions in South Africa up close. I knew instinctively this big orange cat can take me down with one swipe. It gave me much more respect for the wilderness."

Irene Albright is a fashion DYNAMO. Amy Lombard and I had the pleasure of visiting the library the other day to get a tour and a few licks from Gus! What an impressive place.  Irene shares,  "After working as a stylist for 20 years and desperately seeking wardrobe for a shoot, I decided to build my own showroom; a safe haven for all my friends who were stylists to pull their shoots." The Albright Fashion Library, since opening in 1990, has expanded and evolved into a resource for the industry’s top stylists, magazine editors and costume designers.

Tricia Rosenkilde from Camerawork Studio reached out to me to present her gorgeous platinum portraits of animals. Her own dog, Katie, came from a kill shelter in Georgia; she was originally found in the woods with her three sisters, living in an old wood pile with no food.  The puppies all found wonderful homes when they were brought up to New Jersey by Eleventh Hour Rescue.

My girlfriend, Sammy, and I were not sure if we were ready for a new dog after the death of our beloved dog, Edith Piaf. We went to an adoption fair from a wonderful rescue group in LA called Dogs Without Borders. We were very sad, and not sure if we were ready to bring another animal into our world… until we saw her.

"My name is Max! I'm a 2 year old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix. My dad tells people that I'm a "Goldbrador" - I don't know what that means but it sounds chic, I love it! My schedule is quiet busy: walking, playing, eating, napping, smiling, and posing most of the time. Speaking about posing, my day job, as a pre-light model and studio assistant, is to keep everybody happy on dad's set. Aside from that, I try hard to push the limits, to get what I want from everybody (i.e. sad looks, overt tenderness when sitting next to the pizza, those kind of things...). Indeed, one day I might quit my day job to become an actor! We'll see!"

My friend and wonderful art advisor, Barry Podgorsky, sent me this magical series of Bob Kolbrener works. Bob shares a bit about his new series, “AUTOGRAPHS”. "The photos address road signs and other auto-related subjects.  This ongoing series represents 5 decades of nomadic travel throughout the American West.  I believe my vision celebrates a sense of joy and freedom to what is otherwise mundane subject matter. 

Do you often come home from work and find your dog cutely napping on top your bed, then not finding it so cute trying to get fur off of your 1000 thread count sheets? Check out the high end dog bedding company Cloud 7 ! Cloud 7 was founded by former fashion designer Petra Jungebluth who began creating beds for her dogs that did not clash with her modern living room decor. Since 2010, Cloud 7 has been producing super soft and comfy bedding for your dog, enhancing their beauty rest and freeing up your bed from your pet. 

Nina Ottosson is a Swedish pet game designer. She founded the company in 1990 with the goal to create toys and games to get your pet off the couch. Her toys and games mentally and physically stimulate dogs with problem solving and obedience training. All toys are made from wood and non toxic plastic, making it safe for your dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, iguana, even mini pig! Order some up now and get Fido challenged and happy.

I visited Amy Harlow and her store Wag Wear in the Village.  She built this store years ago when she had two dogs and needed great things for her dogs that she couldn't find.  "It's all about great accessories"  says Amy.  She takes pride in saying that if she were a dog, this is what she would wear.  We decided to model Wag Wear on Payton, a sweet one year Dutch Shepard Mix, who is great with other dogs.

Kyle Landman is a dear friend who I know through Maria Cornejo and Marysia Woroniecka. Here she tells of her dog, Michael, and the journey to adopting him!  "After being on the hunt for the “unicorn” of all dogs—a black, longhaired Brussels Griffon—my brother-in-law sent me a message with a picture of the cutest, bug-eyed, hairy fluff ball staring back at me. The message read: “This is Mikey. He needs a home, now. And a haircut.”